Tennis / Golfers Elbow

Signs and Symptoms:
Pain over the outer and/or inner elbow region with often radiating pain down and up the arm. Pain is usually worse with gripping, exercise, arm and shoulder movements, lifting, typing and it is often painful to the touch.


Common Causes:
Referred pain, wear and tear, sports, muscle weakness, weight lifting, computer work, office jobs, manual and repetitive jobs, nerve pain, post traumatic sprains/strains.

How We Can Help:
We would examine the spine, muscles, joints and nerves. Once we pin point the root of the problem, we would aim to improve any associated poor posture by adjusting the spine and extremity joints and manipulate the affected muscles to relieve the tension and pain. We would often advise upon structured rest and specific exercises to strengthen the injured tissue. With repetitive strain mechanisms it is important to avoid as many aggravating factors as possible to reduce the inflammatory triggers and assist in the healing phase.


Next Step:
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