What to expect

You can expect a warm and friendly welcome in a calm environment to start you on your recovery.


Along with your New Patient Initial Consultation you will be invited to book your Report of Findings.


These appointments are designed to get to the root of your pain and the best way to go about fixing it.


The New Patient Initial Consultation is a thorough consultation and examination, which may include the need for x-rays (if necessary) and scans.  


Following this there will be another appointment for the Chiropractor to discuss your Report of Findings. This is a detailed discussion of your problem and appropriate plan of action, typically including a course of care (chiropractic and/or massage therapy) to resolve your pain and improve your situation long term.


Your regular visit typically includes a series of specific chiropractic adjustments or massage therapy. The frequency of these will depend upon your initial consultation, how long you’ve had the issue and the general health of your spine.


Through your care we will constantly monitor you to make sure you are achieving the goals and milestones that we would expect.  


Often clients will continue care once their pain has gone to ensure their body continues to function at its best.


Your Chiropractor will give you advice and exercise videos on what you can do at home to help yourself and what to do to stop the issue returning in the future.  


We want to make your chiropractic appointments as convenient to you as possible.


The first few appointments are thorough so we can get to know you and your needs. Education is a key component in helping you get the most out of your care. We aim to schedule appointments around your work and family life.